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Scout is a film and television VR pre-production tool that allows producers, directors, line managers and art directors to visualise, design and cost film production for remote locations rapidly and accurately.

It creates precise landscape photogrammetry of proposed shooting locations allowing directors to experience the exact topography of a suggested location and select shooting positions with unprecedented accuracy.

Currently in development.

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Instead of just going for a hike, imagine heading to a destination and capturing it in 3D, populating it with any animals and objects you choose, and then uploading it so your friends (and you) can actually, physically walk around it.


Hikoo lets anyone create and share reality based environments using drone photogrammetry. This ambitious project involves developing a complete ‘making and sharing’ ecosystem, and is currently seeking investors.


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Augmented reality

Our AR applications are fully interactive and responsive.

We have extensive experience animating characters and text over live footage for film and television. Careful design and attention to light, shadow, weight and movement make our augmented reality animation feel bedded into the real world environment.



Most Verso projects use our Asymmetric Personal Engagement (APE) system, which links a tablet, phone or secondary control system to the VR headset feed, allowing multiple participants to work together or compete.


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